A Summer Wedding

May 14, 2018

If you have decided to make this summer extra special by saying I do, the countdown is on! We know that planning a wedding can be overwhelming, especially as the big day looms and your Pinterest boards multiply… so we’ve put together a Wedding Inspiration Guide to help you with those little details that make all the difference.

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are not an essential part of a wedding, but they are becoming increasingly popular with couples who are using them to add a touch of personality to the day, giving gifts that reflect themselves as a couple. Favours don’t have to be a big expense. They can be bought, grown, baked, or handmade with love. Favours can be as simple as miniature chocolates (and lets face it, who doesn’t love chocolate?) or personalised treat bags. Some couples are making the extra effort in 2018, offering their guests welcome bags filled with mini essentials such as sun-cream, umbrellas and water. Including a handwritten note or a photo is a thoughtful keepsake that will make your gift a true original.

Jam jars are tasty take home treats that can be personalised to your guests or themed to match your wedding, with your names and the wedding date on the label. Fill them with homemade jam (it’s easier than you think!) or if you’re feeling time strapped, grab some pick and mix and fill them to the brim. Bathroom baskets are another fun way to show your guests that their comfort is your top priority. Fill them with body sprays, safety pins, mints, flip flops for those tired dancing feet, and even miniature sewing kits can come in handy for any unexpected outfit mishaps!

Capture it All

Whether you’ve opted for a professional photographer on your day or not, there’s nothing like the spontaneity and fun of your guests’ personal photos.  Even if you are having an unplugged ceremony, social media will play a part in your day. Create a wedding hashtag and ask your guests to use it when uploading their pictures online so you don’t miss any gorgeous shots. There are lots of Wedding Apps now to help you collect your photos together and make your own albums or videos from them. Check out: Weddingsnap, Weddingparty, Guestshots and Hyperlapse from Instagram (for amazing timelapse videos). To add a bit of spice and encourage people to get sharing, think about setting up a selfie station. Leave some selfie sticks and props to add some fun! For the technophobes among you, why not go old school, leave some disposable or polaroid cameras on each of the tables and allow your guests to snap away.

( Photo Credit: Jenny Mc Carthy )

Take your Seat

Table planning can be tough, but once that plan is complete, you’re free to have a little fun with how you display it. The table plan is where a lot of couples like to think outside of the box and show their quirky side. For instance, a stand filled with personalised cupcakes or cake pops with your guest’s name and table number on them. Or add a splash of summer with mini plant pots at each place setting bearing your guest’s name on a stick or chalk boards, balloons or little picture frames.

Special Edible Extras

Wedding doughnut walls are trending right now, and guests can’t get enough of those sweet treats. The best part? They don’t cost the earth. If you are feeling creative, you can even make your own! All you need is a peg board from your local DIY store, add some dowels and fill with a selection of tasty doughnuts. If you want to get personal, you could spell out you and your partner’s initials using the doughnuts. This is one trend that’s guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face (when they’re not filled with doghnuts).

Not a fan of doughnuts? How about an ice cream van? At the church or after dinner, there’s always time for a ’99!

A summer inspired mocktail/cocktail station would also be great addition to keep your guests feeling refreshed throughout the day. Drinks with fruit purees and flavoured ice cubes will add that zesty summer twist.

Guestbook with a Modern Feel

Your wedding guest book is one of the most personal mementos from your special day. But did you know that it doesn’t have to be a book at all! There are so many alternative ideas out there that you are spoiled for choice. Here’s just a small selection of our favourites.  First up is a piñata filled with handwritten notes from your guests for you both to crack open on your first anniversary. This can make your heart swell as you read the little notes of good wishes from your loved ones. Blank frames or wooden hearts for your guests to sign are another great guestbook substitute and create the perfect wall hanging for after the big day. Miniature envelope scrapbooks are becoming popular too. Invest in some elegant envelopes and glue them into a blank book, leave blank cards out for your guests to write their messages on and pop into the envelopes once complete. Simple, wonderful ways to help you remember your day.

Do you have any other tips and tricks that should be included here? Add your favourite ideas in the comments!


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