A Day in the life of a Jewellery Designer

May 31, 2018

This week we’ve decided to catch up with our Jewellery designer Nora to get an insight into her job here at Newbridge Silverware.

When and how did you join the team here at Newbridge Silverware?

Newbridge first appeared on my radar in 2013.  At the time, I was a student at NCAD completing my degree in jewellery design. I had just participated in the jewellery design competition that was organised for the students. The competition gave us the opportunity to have our creations transformed into bespoke collections by Newbridge Silverware. My work impressed the team here so much that just a short time later I found myself my dream internship here. I loved every minute of it! So much so, that five years later and here I am as a permanent jewellery designer.

What is a typical day like for you in Newbridge Silverware? 

Each day is different here and that is something that I really love about my job. I could be working on a lot of different projects at the same time, such as bringing my ideas to life by sketching my designs and researching the latest jewellery trends. I spend a lot of my time on the manufacturing facility, checking on the progress of my latest designs with the production team. The support and expertise of the manufacturing team contributes so much to the final outcome.

What inspires your designs?

I come from a family of architects and makers, so jewellery designing was something that came very naturally to me. I suppose, people are central to my designs.  I love how jewellery can allow an individual to express themselves, tell a story or help mark those precious moments in life. I like to design pieces that are open to interpretation and how each individual can find different depths of meaning in them while still communicating in an amazingly universal language. My biggest inspirations are the themes that move people: nature, our world’s cultural heritage and of course, love. It is important for me to design jewellery that reflects these themes with simple, elegant lines and intuitively understandable pattern.

How do you develop your designs?

I love starting with hand drawing my ideas because there is nothing that compares to the feeling of putting pencil to paper and just letting ideas, emotions, pictures flow through you. It puts me in harmony with the world and I think that is important when you are trying to capture the themes that really move people using the language of jewellery. Sketches are also a great way for me to visualize my ideas and this way I can share them with others and get feedback. This is sort of a selection process in itself I suppose. The next step would be to get the designs I’m most passionate about manufactured so I can get feedback from the team and improve on the originals if I need to.

What do you think will be the big Jewellery trends for 2019?

Expressing yourself through jewellery is a growing trend and I feel like this is only going to be bigger come 2019. Mixing and matching metals, layering necklaces and adding a pop of colour will definitely be trends to watch for next year!


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